Maureen Bainbridge Artist

I have always loved drawing and painting, winning numerous awards at the annual Newcastle Sun Art Show, while attending Primary School. In 1980 I had the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of oil painting. Due to family commitments my paintings were spasmodic over the years. In 1993 I was able to fulfill a dream to be able to concentrate more on my artwork. In 1995 I commenced studying at the Brin Jones School of Fine Art. Under his tuition, for the first time, I was introduced to working with soft pastels. His belief in my personal abilities and future inspired me further.

Living on the Gold Coast, not far from the beach my husband and I enjoy the natural beauty around us and I take the opportunity of choosing subjects for my artwork that give a variety of personal challenges. I have painted native animals, birds, flowers, rainforests, waterfalls, mountains and seascapes.

Recently I have received a great deal of satisfaction and achievements from painting large roses with pastels. To help bring alive the roses, I have used a full sheet of pastel paper so the beauty of the tiniest areas like the veins and dewdrops and the many variations of colour occurring in nature can be appreciated. I also enjoy the challenge of working with the many facets of light and atmosphere as well as reflections that occur in nature around us.

I have found painting with a group of fellow artists brings a social and sharing element. I have been a member of “Wednesday painters”, at Tweed Unlimited Arts for several years. I have found it is important to enjoy the whole experience of my art and also bring pleasure to others as we share this wonderful creative medium. Art has enriched my life and so have the artists who have entered it. I look forward to the challenges that every new subject brings. I am richly blessed.